Warm Up Tonight, Light Your Dynamite

Uken Game Jam
"WUTLYD" Game - Details
Game Jam: Uken 48hr Game Jam
Game: "Warm Up Tonight, Light Your Dynamite"
​Platforms: PC
Summary: Game Jam theme was "It's F'ing Cold Out".  Survive the fatal cold by blowing up trees and staying close to the resulting warm, but brief fire.  Oh, and Yetis are trying to kill you at the same time.
My Contribution: Composed bg music, designed all SFX.  Since it was actually winter, I field recorded outside and felt that inspiring harsh weather!
Software I Used: Unity, Pro Tools, iPad recording software
Awards: 3rd Place Winner (Uken Game Jam)
Stefano Della Croce: Producer/Programmer | Filipe Seabra: Design Lead | Olexiy Zhukov-Malyeyev: Visual Programming Lead | Katherine Elliott: Art Lead